Biomass Fired Boilers and the Principle of Selecting Biomass Boilers

Brand:Shengli Boiler

Brief:Water-fire tube ,three pass structure

Rated Capacity: 0.7MW-7MW

Rated working pressure:1.0/1.25Mpa


145psi ,181psi

Product Details

Why should we choose biomass fired boilers and the principle of selecting biomass boilers.

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With the development of industrial productivity and social progress, people have become increasingly aware of environmental protection. More and more countries are recognizing the significant impact of coal fired boilers exhaust gas on air pollution, and people are looking for a new fuel to replace coal. Due to restrictions on electricity, natural gas supply and gas pipelines, it is not possible to change all existing coal fired boilers to electric boilers or nature gas fired boilers. And the low operating costs of biomass boilers make it easier for users to accept and promote the biomass fired boilers. Biomass is a renewable energy source that can be recycled and can replace coal, and natural gas. The operating cost of biomass fired boilers is only half of the gas boilers and the coal fired boilers. Of course, the selection of biomass boilers should also consider the principle of the nearest source of biomass raw materials. After all, biomass raw materials are widely sourced and widely distributed. The nearest principle is not only to reduce transportation costs, but also the users are more familiar with fuel combustion characteristics to operate easier. Depending on the shape of the raw materials and the degree of mechanization, biomass fired boilers can be divided into biomass fixed grate boilers with manual furnace and biomass fired chain grate boilers with a mechanical furnace.

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