Biomass Fixed Grate Boiler

Brand:Shengli Boiler

Brief:Water-fire tube ,three pass structure

Rated Capacity: 0.7MW-7MW

Rated working pressure:1.0/1.25Mpa


145psi ,181psi

Product Details

Biomass fixed grate boiler

fixed grate boiler1.jpg

The DZG series straw burning fixed grate steam boiler is a single bucket water pipe and a fire tube boiler. The water wall tube on both sides of the furnace is a radiation heating area. The spiral tubes in the two wings and rollers of the furnace are convective heating zones. The straw burning boiler adopts the upper drum, the water wall tube and the drum drum are arranged in a symmetrical arrangement. The cylinder is welded and assembled by a cylinder and a front and back pipe plate. The furnace has a reasonable structure and high efficiency.

DZG series straw burning steamer steam pot adopts new scientific research achievements such as arch tube plate and spiral fire pipe to solve the problem of tube plate defects, water cold wall tube explosion, low efficiency, insufficient production and poor adaptability of different biomass fuels. The efficiency of heat conduction is improved.

Available fuel

DZG series of straw burning mobile grate boilers are suitable for different biomass fuels, can burn straw, wood raw wood (the length less than 2 meters of wood can not burn), bagasse, rice husk, waste cloth and so on. To avoid coking and improve combustion efficiency, a unique two wind design is adopted to improve the use conditions of biomass fuels.

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