Low Exhuast Gas Temperature Industrial Boiler

Brand:Shengli Boiler Brief:Water-fire tube ,three pass structure Rated Capacity: 0.7MW-7MW Rated working pressure:1.0/1.25Mpa 10bar,13bar 145psi ,181psi

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Low exhuast gas temperature Industrial boiler

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     Energy-savig device is installed at the outlet of exhaust gas ,so the exhuast gas temperature of industrial boiler is about 130.If we enlarge the energy-savig device,so temperature can lower to about 110 and make full use of the heat .It is for solid fuel industrial boiler.Customers pay attention on this specification ,so our boiler can meet your requirements totally .Industrial boiler thermal efficiency can reach to more than 85% .Water quality is another important issue which customers need to concern .You can choose deaerator to ensure water quality and decrease the scale ,extend boiler using life . Biomass coking is another problem of industrial boiler,reduce the FD fan pressure ;install or strengthen boiler air exhaust ;select appropriate air distribution ratio and feeding speed;industrial boiler furnace design ,so can solve the this problem.


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