Wood Fired Industry Boiler

Brand:Shengli Boiler

Brief:Water-fire tube ,three pass structure

Rated Capacity: 0.7MW-7MW

Rated working pressure:1.0/1.25Mpa


145psi ,181psi

Product Details

Wood fired Industry boiler

Wood fired Industry boiler.jpg

As an important raw material for combustion in human life, wood has always brought a lot of convenience to our daily life. With the development of industry, people have become more and more aware of environmental protection. As the most common kind of environmentally friendly and renewable material, wood is increasingly used as a fuel for industrial production. Studying industrial wood fired biomass boiler technology and developing wood fired boilers have positive significance for saving conventional energy, optimizing energy structure, and alleviating environmental pollution. Wood fired boilers are economical, without any pollution to the environment, zero-emission CO, zero-SO emissions, are renewable energy, and can replace effective alternatives to petroleum, coal, and natural gas. The operating cost of the wood fired boiler is also only half. The industrial boilers wood fired are generally divided into the following types according to different wood shapes: industrial boilers that burn wood blocks, and boilers that burn wood pellets. the different woods are chosen up to local situation.

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