Biomass Steam Boiler Used For Rice Processing Industry

Biomass Steam Boiler Used For Rice Processing Industry

Structure: Chain grate
Output: Steam
Rated Evaporation Capacity: 1 t/h-20 t/h

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 Biomass steam boiler used for rice processing industry
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Rice husk is an important by-product of rice processing. Its volume is basically the same as the volume before rice processing, and it is a kind of by-product that is more difficult to dispose.

Rice husk is a kind of fuel which is light weight, much more ash, high ash melting point, medium calorific value and natural particle size. It is suitable for horizontal chain biomass steam boiler. Biomass steam boiler burning rice husk has superior environmental characteristics, and the discharge meets national standards; the biomass steam boiler furnace has uniform heat transfer, high heat recovery efficiency, and stable operation. So that, some large-scale rice processing plants are generally equipped with a drying process. Rice husks can be used as raw materials for biomass steam boilers to provide a steam heat source for the drying section. Rice husks can also be used for the heating of biomass hot water boilers in the plant area. The steam generated by the rice husk biomass steam boiler can also be used to promote the use of steam turbine power generation, which not only increases the added value of the product but also solves the problem of rice husk processing.

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