Combustion Process Of The Biomass Boilers

Structure: Chain grate
Output: Steam/hot water
Rated Evaporation Capacity: 70t/h-200 t/h

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Combustion process of the biomass boilers.

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Biomass boiler is a kind of boiler with biomass as fuel, which is divided into biomass steam boiler, biomass hot water boiler, biomass hot blast stove, biomass thermal oil boiler, and etc. The fuel is fed into the bunker, and then is sent into the furnace the chain grate to make the fuel uniformly scattered on the grate. Here,due to the effect of high-temperature smoke and primary air, it will be gradual preheating, drying, catching fire and burning. During this process a large amount of volatile matter is released and the combustion is intense. After the high temperature flue gas flushes the main heating surface of the boiler, it enters the economizer and the air preheater through the rear heating surface of the boiler, and then into the dust collector, and finally it is discharged into the atmosphere through the chimney. The ungasified fuel moves towards the rear of the grate until it is burnt out, and the last remaining ash falls into the slag removal port behind the grate. The rear part of the boiler is equipped with a spiral slag remover to realize continuous ash removal. The tail flue of the boiler is equipped with a dust remover to ensure that the dust emission meets the requirements of environmental protection.

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