Chain Grate Coal-fired Boiler


Structure: Single drum/ Horizontal type

Output: Hot Water

Rated output capacity: 0.7MW-14MW

Rated working pressure:0.7/1.0/1.25Mpa

Product Details

Chain grate coal-fired boiler

Chain grate boiler1.jpg

Chain grate coal-fired boiler is the most common medium and small coal fired boiler.Because of its high thermal efficiency and compact structure, it has been widely used in industrial production in many countries and regions.The grate of the chain grate coal-fired boiler is made of high quality materials such as carbon steel. It can withstand a high temperature of about 1300 degrees to about 1600 degrees. In addition, the length of the grate is between 5 and 15 meters, which increases the burning time of the fuel and can fully absorb the heat released from the coal. The contact bottom seal structure is adopted in the grate, and the anti coke head is adopted in the left and right header, which solves the problems of stagnation and leakage of the grate. Because the chain grate reduces the clearance of the grate, it can reduce the leakage of coal and other biomass fuels and increase the utilization rate of fuel. Shengli boiler chain grate coal-fired boiler adopts fully automatic mechanical feeding and feeding machine, which can reduce labor cost.

Shengli boiler factory has its own professional boiler design and production team. It can accept customized services of different industries in different countries and regions.


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