DZL Series Of Coal-fired Boilers

Brand: SHENGLI Structure: Single drum/ Horizontal type Output: Hot Water Rated output capacity: 0.7MW-14MW Rated working pressure:0.7/1.0/1.25Mpa

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DZL series of coal-fired boilers

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DZL Coal fired chian grate boiler adopts threaded smoke pipe. With a reasonable flowing speed , the heating efficiency of DZL series boiler is 6-8%higher than the national standard .

The joint work of protrude tube plate and threaded smoke pipe turn the standard rigid shell into elastic one. combining with the swing-shaped smoke path, the boiler is protected from breaking when it suffers high temperature.

1.a reasonable water circulation path combined with dedicated backwater ejector improves the speed of high water flow and avoids the fracture of pipelines.

2. The adoption of dusk-smoke inertia separation system and high-efficiency multi-pipe cleaner can satisfy the dusk-cleaning intensity requirement of the first- class cities.

3. a more rational and scientific structure of the boiler can enable it to bear its weight without the support of the steel frame. In the aspect of energy saving, the application of high-intensity radial arch ensures the stability of DZL coal-fired boiler in coal combustion.

4. high standard, high quality auxiliary equipment and automatic control equipment ensure the safe and stable operation of the machine and reduce the workload of firemen.

5. because of its compact structure, it can produce 1-20 tons of coal fired boilers.


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