​Fluidized Bed Boiler

Structure: Chain grate
Output: Steam/hot water
Rated Evaporation Capacity: 70t/h-200 t/h

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Fluidized bed boiler


Fluidized bed boiler is a boiler which uses fluidized bed combustion. Fluidized bed boilers can be divided into bubbling fluidized bed boiler and circulating fluidized bed boiler according to their hydrodynamic characteristics. The fluidized bed boiler can be divided into atmospheric fluidized bed boiler and pressurized fluidized bed boiler according to the smoke pressure in the furnace.

The desulfurization of circulating fluidized bed boiler is a kind of combustion desulfurization process in furnace. Limestone is used as desulfurizing absorbent. Coal and limestone are sent into the lower part of the boiler combustor, one wind is sent from the lower part of the cloth wind plate, and the two wind is sent from the middle of the combustion chamber. Limestone is decomposed into calcium oxide and carbon dioxide by heat. Airflow causes coal and lime particles to be strongly disturbed in the combustion chamber to form a fluidized bed. The contact between SO2 and calcium oxide in coal-fired flue gas is removed by chemical reaction. In order to improve the utilization ratio of the absorbent, the unreacted calcium oxide, desulfurized product and fly ash were sent back to the combustor for recycling. When the ratio of calcium and sulfur reaches 2 ~ 2.5, the desulfurization rate can reach more than 90%.

The characteristics of the fluidized bed combustion mode are:

1. clean combustion, the desulfurization rate can reach 80% ~ 95%, and NOx emissions can be reduced by 50%.

2. fuel is highly adaptable, especially suitable for medium and low sulfur coal.

3. the combustion efficiency is high, up to 95% ~ 99%.

4. the load has good adaptability. The adjustment range of load was 30% ~ 100%.

Fluidized-bed ultramicro airflow pulverization technology fluidized bed ultrafine airflow pulverization is to put the material to be crushed in the equipment container, from the bottom of the equipment container into the air and comminuted. The circulating fluidized bed is to increase the speed of sending air into the container below the container, so that the material particles in the container are blown up to form boiling state. Meanwhile, the ultrafine powder is collected at the upper outlet of the container by means of a high-speed classification device.

Circulating ultrafine jet grinding fluidized bed technology is an environmentally friendly comminution technology developed in recent years. It has the advantages of crushing and wide adaptability, high crushing efficiency, less entrainment of coarse particles, low cost, large load regulation ratio and fast load regulation. At the same time, the low cost of circulating fluidized bed has a strict superfine grinding index. At the same time, it has a comprehensive advantage in the aspects of load adaptability and super micro powder comprehensive utilization for various non-metallic materials. It provides an effective way for the energy saving and environmental protection transformation of the ultramicroflow pulverizer.

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