High Efficiency Feeding For Industrial Boiler


Structure: Single drum/ Horizontal type

Output: Hot Water

Rated output capacity: 0.7MW-14MW

Rated working pressure:0.7/1.0/1.25Mpa

Product Details

High efficiency feeding for industrial boiler

Coal Industrial boiler1.jpg

For industrial boiler,it has three feeding types .One is lifting feeding machine,the speeding is fast ,it is good choice for 1ton/hr-10ton/hr industrial boiler ;the fuel ,such as coal ,biomass granule,wood log will be put into the hopper ,then it is lifted and poured into boiler chain grate .One is spiral feeding ,it adpots the revolving spiral to delivery fuels ,can be equipped with inductor and it can be moved in any way we want.One is belt type feeding ,good delivery ability and delivery distance is long ,can be operated automatically and continuous,interval working.So the fuels can be put into industrial boiler and can assure it burn steadily. 


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