The Differences Between Fire Tube Boiler,water Tube Boiler And Water Fire Tube Boiler.


Structure: Single drum/ Horizontal type

Output: Hot Water

Rated output capacity: 0.7MW-14MW

Rated working pressure:0.7/1.0/1.25Mpa

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The differences between fire tube boiler,water tube boiler and water fire tube boiler.

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At present, there are fire tube (boiler shell type) boilers, water tube boilers and submerged combustion type heating boilers (water and fire tubes) on the market. The fire tube boiler has a simple structure, large volume of water and steam, good adaptability to load variation, lower water quality requirements than a water tube boiler, and is mostly used in small-scale enterprise production processes and life heating. The heating surface of the water tube boiler is conveniently arranged and has good heat transfer performance. The structure can be used for large capacity and high parameter conditions. However, higher requirements are placed on water quality and operation levels. Water-fired boilers are developed on the basis of fire-tube boilers and water-tube boilers. They have the advantages of both, and they are similar in quality to water-tube boilers. Because of its small capacity and compact structure, fire-tube boilers are generally made into quick-installed boilers. Water-tube boilers with small capacity can also be made into quick-loading boilers for transportation and on-site installation. Submerged-fired heating boilers do not require a fixed heat transfer surface for the heat exchange of the partition wall, but instead direct the high-temperature flue gas into the liquid to complete the heating. Immersion-fired heating boilers have high thermal efficiency, low equipment cost, fast heating speed, and are suitable for rapid heating and peak shaving operations.

Personally think that there are few water pipe boilers below 10T. Water pipe boilers require high water quality, many heating surfaces, high thermal efficiency, and large steam output. Fire tube boilers require high water quality, have a small heating surface, and have a low thermal efficiency, but they have a compact structure. Small size for easy maintenance and repair


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