Coal-fired Chain Steam Boiler

Brand: SHENGLI Structure: Single drum/ Horizontal type Output: Hot Water Rated output capacity: 0.7MW-14MW Rated working pressure:0.7/1.0/1.25Mpa

Product Details

Coal-fired chain steam boiler

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  1. DZL chain grate boiler, automatic combustion

2. Single-tube water pipe and fire tube boiler

3, Fuel: kerosene, solid fuel, anthracite, lignite, lignite and so on.

4.1 - 6 tons of coal boilers for packaging boilers, 8 tons of 10 tons and larger capacity of the assembly boiler

5. Working pressure: up to 2.5Mpa.

6. Adequate and stable ability

7. Rapid temperature increase and high thermal efficiency

8. Low original dust emission, environmental protection and energy saving

9. High steam quality

10. Strong water adaptability

11. Small Dimensions, Low Boiler Room Investment Costs

12. Low operating costs, safety and reliability

13. Short installation time and low installation cost

We need to ask you some details in order to send you a more suitable quote.

1. What is the purpose of the boiler? (food industry, textile industry, chemical industry, etc.)

2. What is the capacity you need per hour (1ton, 2ton, 4ton, 6ton, 8ton, 10ton 15ton, 20ton or other)

3. What is the fuel you want to use for the boiler? (coal, biomass, natural gas, oil, etc.)


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