Coal Fired Steam Boiler Fuel Consumption

Brand:Shengli Boiler Brief:Water-fire tube structure Rated Capacity: 1 ton/hr-20 ton/hr 0.7MW-10.5MW Rated working pressure:0.7/1.0/1.25/1.6/3.82Mpa 6bar ,8bar,10bar ,13bar,16bar 101psi,145psi

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Coal fired steam boiler fuel consumption

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Calorific value of standard coal is 7000Kcal/kg,the heat efficiency of coal fired steam boiler is 80%,1ton boiler is about 600000Kcal,so the coal consumption is about 107kg.The actual coal consumption is based on coal calorific value and coal fired steam boiler thermal efficiency. For the good design and sufficient using of raw material of boiler,so the overload capacity of coal fired steam boiler is strong.The big part of coal fired steam boiler is boiler body and boiler chain grate ,it is assembled in our factory ,so it can save the installation cost .We use flake type chain grate,so less leaked coal and can also save coal consuption in this way .Coal fired steam boiler can be used directly ,when the gas ducts of boiler auxiliaries are welded and piping system is connected .So coal fired steam boiler is good choice for saving the investment cost .



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