Power Plant Steam Boiler

Brand:Shengli Boiler
Brief:Water-fire tube structure
Rated Capacity: 1 ton/hr-20 ton/hr 0.7MW-10.5MW
Rated working pressure:0.7/1.0/1.25/1.6/3.82Mpa 6bar

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Power plant steam boiler

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The main task of a gas fired boiler in a power plant is to heat steam. The most widely used technology of power plant gas fired boiler at present has several steps. First,gas produces heat through combustion in gas fired boiler. Then, these heat heat water to produce steam. Then,steam is made to be superheated steam under certain pressure. Superheated steam can directly enter the production system or enter the steam turbine to generate electricity. There are many types and names of steam plant gas fired boiler equipment in terms of usage, fuel property and pressure. Their process flow are varied. There is no essential difference between the gas fired boiler in the thermal power plant and the general large capacity utility boiler. The difference between the two is that most of the steam produced by the former is sent directly through the heating network, and the steam of the latter is all used to drive the generator to generate electricity, and the steam after the work is all condensed and recovered.


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