Steam Boiler Structure and Classification and Production Qualification

Brand:Shengli Boiler Brief:Water-fire tube structure Rated Capacity: 1 ton/hr-20 ton/hr 0.7MW-10.5MW Rated working pressure:0.7/1.0/1.25/1.6/3.82Mpa 6bar ,8bar,10bar ,13bar,16bar 101psi,145psi

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Steam boiler structure and classification and production qualification

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Steam boilers can be classified into three types according to its different fuels : electric steam boiler, coal steam boiler, and gas-fired steam boiler; steam boiler can be divided into vertical steam boiler and horizontal steam boiler; also can be divided the single or double-return vertical structure steam boiler and triple-pass horizontal steam boiler.

As a special equipment, for steam boiler, 

Steam boilers belong to special equipment. The design, processing, manufacture, installation and use of the steam boiler must all be supervised by the technical supervision department. Of course, to use steam boiler also get to get the steam boiler use certificate.

As an steam boiler manufacture with grade A production qualification, we major in industrial steam boiler for 40 years, our main product, triple-pass horizontal fire tube steam boiler is high efficiency burning, which reduces the temperature of the exhaust gas, save fuels. The corrugates furnace and spirally corrugated not only improves the heat-absorbing strength of the steam boiler, but also meets the need for heat expansion of the heat exchange surface. The steam boiler is scientific and reasonable and durable.  



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