Normal Pressure Electric Hot Water Boiler

Place of origin:shandong China Brand Name:SHENGLI Model Number: ISO Type Material:Q235(C1015)、Q245 Burning material:electric

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Normal pressure electric hot water boiler

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First, normal pressure electric hot water boiler

Control system

The atmospheric hot water boiler is equipped with a special computer controller for hot water boiler. Modern computer control technology is used to turn the boiler performance into reality with intelligence, automation and humanization. It has the advantages of high stability, rich function, simple operation, convenient use and flexible control.

It has powerful functions, including boiler water temperature control, boiler water level display, water shortage protection, overtemperature protection, built-in digital electronic clock, continuous or timing (4 time periods) operation control and many other automatic display and control functions.

The operation of the boiler is based on the principle of blood circulation, combined with the special microcomputer controller CPU, and through the temperature sensor, it forms a circulation control system. According to the principle of constant temperature and energy saving, with the change of water temperature, the control system continuously carries out temperature collection, logic operation and digital chip control and regulation, so as to achieve the automatic constant temperature of the system, and realize the purpose of heating or providing living hot water.

Comprehensive characteristics

(1) large screen full text with backlight LCD display, with rich display function, the running state of the boiler, the working state of the circulating pump, the working state of the heater, the temperature of the furnace water, the state of the water level, the current time, the alarm information and so on. Using the controller keyboard for operation setting, and can check, set and modify various adjustment parameters to realize human-computer dialogue, easy to understand, easy to learn, easy to remember, easy to operate and convenient.

(2) the controller with the Tibetan digital clock, the system can set the opening and closing time in 4 periods of time in one day according to the user's request, saving the electric loss and reducing the cost of the boiler.

(3) the heater adopts ceramic electric heating rod. The surface heat load is low, the service life is longer, the layout is uniform and the thermal efficiency is high. The "water proof wall" mode of water heating and separation is a way to eliminate hidden danger of leakage and to facilitate disassembly and maintenance. Stainless steel electric addition

(4) the electrical appliances are "well-known trademarks in China" and "China famous brand" products, with "CE" and "3C" compulsory certification marks.

(5) the high-power electric hot water boiler adopts multi section hand and automatic adjustment knob. The user can start and stop the number of heating rod group at will. When the state is automatic, the controller starts and closes the heating group step by step, and the electric load regulation mode is loaded step by step and step by step, not only ensures the normal work of the electric appliance, but also reduces the impact on the power grid.

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