Chemical Industrial Boiler

Place of origin:shandong China Brand Name:SHENGLI Model Number: ISO Type Material:Q235(C1015)、Q245 Rated evaporation capacity:1-20 ton/hr

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Chemical industrial boiler

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Gas fired boiler is an important equipment for production of chemical products. The steam generated by it is an indispensable heat source and power source in petrochemical enterprises. Qingdao Shengli Boiler Co.,Ltd have produced many kinds of gas fired boiler special boilers for chemical plants, which are highly automated and can provide constant pressure steam. The steam in the chemical plant comes mainly from the gas fired boiler of the power plant or the central heating station in that area. Steam also comes from the waste heat recovery system or the exhaust gas incineration system. With the new national "air pollution discharge standard", all coal-fired boilers under 10t/h will be cancelled. Instead, the central heating and long-distance heat transmission pipelines should be replaced. Therefore, low nitrogen and central heating with near zero emissions will become the trend of clean energy.



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