Integrated Condensed Water Boiler Introduction

Place of origin:shandong China

Brand Name:SHENGLI

Model Number: ISO Type


Rated evaporation capacity:1-20 ton/hr

Product Details

Integrated condensed water boiler introduction

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Water level protection is provided to ensure safe operation of the boiler.

It is equipped with pressure protection, over-temperature alarm device, high-precision pressure gauge, temperature gauge, and pressure and temperature control components to effectively prevent vaporization from occurring.

Achieve boiler load automatic adjustment function;

Abnormal power protection function: boiler alarm.

Time setting function: Users can set the start and stop time of the boiler as needed.

Smoke temperature alarm function: It can automatically monitor the boiler exhaust temperature, more convenient to master the boiler combustion.

Pot scale online monitoring function: When the thickness exceeds a certain value, it will automatically alarm, the text prompts the user to decontamination.

Combustion system ignition program control and flameout protection

With flame automatic adjustment and automatic flame detection.

Burner pressure protection function;

Burner power failure self-locking protection function;

Burner power failure protection function;

Gas leak protection and other functions (as the case may be);

High-quality hardware, comprehensive software to ensure that the optimized system is efficient and reliable

Strong anti-interference performance, use industrial-grade PLC, safe and reliable;

A variety of interlocking protections coexist, ensuring the high reliability and high security of the system;

A multi-level permission control system is provided, and those without authority cannot change the system operating parameters or operate the boiler;

Record fault history for easy maintenance

Automatically accumulate pump running time and burner running time;

When the boiler fails, the boiler is safely shut down and a screen pops up. The time and fault of the previous dozens of faults are recorded. The user can quickly find the cause of the fault according to the maintenance guide.



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