Introduction Of Chemical Industry Boilers

Place of origin:shandong China Brand Name:SHENGLI Model Number: ISO Type Material:Q235(C1015)、Q245 Fuel:natural gas、liquefied petroleum gas ( LPG )、city gas

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Introduction of chemical industry boilers

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A petrochemical plant is a chemical industry that produces chemical products from petroleum and natural gas. Its production process has three characteristics in terms of thermal energy utilization. First of all, a large number of different qualities of steam produced by gas boiler are needed to provide heat and raw materials for production. Secondly, a lot of driving power which can also be produced by gas boiler is needed to compress gas and pump fluid. Third, a large number of heat in production processes can be used to heat water and generate steam. The energy of the compressed gas is very high.

The chemical plant needs a steam power system that is closely integrated with the production process and is suitable for production needs. The gas boiler can supply heat which is needed by the production process and steam used as raw materials, and supply steam to each turbine to generate power driven pump.



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