The Best Gas Boiler

Place of origin:shandong China
Brand Name:SHENGLI
Model Number: ISO Type
Fuel:natural gas、liquefied petroleum gas ( LPG )、city gas
ated capacity :1-20ton/hr

Product Details

The best gas boiler

 The best gas boiler

The best gas boiler is produced by the Shengli boiler company. The best gas steam boiler and gas hot water boiler can be produced according to the different needs of the users.  In addition, our gas fired boiler has passed the highest certification of the national boiler industry. Starting from the raw material of the product, it is strictly controlled, after more than 30 flow process and more than 10 quality inspection, it will be circulated to the market.

In addition to the control of the material, our gas fired boilers are also equipped with high quality auxiliary boiler accessories. It can realize automatic control, FM control, energy saving and so on. While prolonging the service life of the boiler, a large amount of resource cost is saved for the enterprise. 

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