Application condition of boiler in beer industry

- Oct 24, 2018 -

Take the beer factory as an example: the first step of beer brewing begins with the saccharification workshop. Its task is to turn the raw material into the wort through different stages of treatment and control, and its production has a high degree of automation. Beer production process is divided into malt manufacturing, wort making, pre fermentation, post fermentation, filtration sterilization, packaging and other processes. The complexity and fineness of the process determine the quality of the beer and the price of the beer. And almost every stage has the participation of steam boilers. It can be seen that steam boilers with good quality and suitable price are very important for breweries.

The heat consumption of the boiling process of the wort in the brewery accounts for 50% of the heat consumption in the whole distillery, and the recovery and utilization of the steam waste heat in the boiling process is the key to the enterprise to save energy and improve the economic benefit. In order to meet the needs of the brewery, we can provide different parameters, different price steam boilers and different characteristics of steam boilers with actual production cases.


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