Basic requirements for boiler structure

- Dec 27, 2018 -

$RDYKJDU5 The structure of the water-cooled fireplace  should have sufficient carrying capacity to withstand the pressure on the furnace under abnormal positive pressure combustion to avoid the furnace being easily damaged.

6 furnaces should have good sealing to reduce air leakage and heat loss, and maintain combustion stability.

7 The load-bearing structure shall have sufficient strength, rigidity, stability and corrosion resistance to meet the safety requirements when the design load is under pressure.

8 Easy to install, run and repair, clear inside and outside. Such as the opening of the door hole should be convenient for personnel to pass, check and other work, the chain grate boiler should be easy to set fire operation

9 The sewage discharge structure of the boiler should be conducive to sewage discharge, in order to prevent scale accumulation in the boiler and excessive salt content in the boiler water.

10 Must be equipped with reliable safety features. The safety accessories on the boiler are automatically controlled to provide an alarm when the abnormal situation occurs during operation or to operate automatically when it is serious. When it is necessary to protect personnel and equipment safety, it is the safety of boiler safety.

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