Boiler burner overview

- Jan 04, 2019 -

1546480827The burner is the main combustion equipment of the boiler. It sends the fuel and the air required for combustion into the furnace through various forms, so that the fuel can quickly and stably ignite according to a certain airflow structure; the air is continuously supplied in layers to make the fuel and The air is thoroughly mixed to increase the burning strength. 1 The role of pulverized coal burners Pulverized coal burners are the main components of coal-fired boilers. Its main role is:

1. Transfer fuel and air to the boiler hearth.

2 organize timely and adequate mixing of fuel and air;

3 Ensure that the fuel enters the furnace as soon as possible and ignites fire as quickly and completely. When pulverized coal is burned, in order to reduce the heat required for ignition, the pulverized coal is rapidly heated to the ignition temperature, and the amount of air required for the pulverized coal burner is generally divided into primary air and secondary air. The effect of the primary wind is to feed the pulverized coal into the furnace and supply the amount of oxygen required for the combustion of the volatiles in the ignition phase of the pulverized coal. The secondary air is mixed after the pulverized coal gas stream is ignited, and the amount of oxygen required to burn off the coke and residual volatiles in the coal is supplied to ensure complete combustion of the pulverized coal. Boiler burner overview

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