Boiler in the building materials industry

- Dec 07, 2018 -


       In recent years, various provinces and cities have devoted themselves to improving ecological environment protection, promoting energy conservation and consumption reduction of enterprises, and realizing sustainable development. This makes the traditional high energy consumption and high pollution enterprises in the building materials industry must change the development strategy, bring in new energy-saving technology, adopt advanced technology and equipment, and develop green building materials. Building materials industry should not only work hard to upgrade production technology level, but also need to avoid many factors of pollution, such as pollution from boiler module.

       Building materials industry is a real big energy consumer, so industrial boilers must be used. However, the traditional coal-fired boiler, due to the design process, fuel quality and many other reasons, will inevitably produce gas and solid pollution. In order to meet the environmental standards, coal-fired boilers must be equipped with dust collectors, desulfurization and denitrification tower, which is bound to increase costs. In order to accelerate energy conservation and emission reduction, achieve clean production and promote the construction of ecological civilization, gas boilers can be used in building materials industry. First of all, the fuel of gas boiler is natural gas, without solid waste, and the tail gas after combustion can also meet the environmental standards, thus greatly reducing the pollution to the environment. Secondly, gas boiler needs less supporting equipment is, so the cost is lower than that of coal-fired boiler. It can be predicted that in the near future, in the building materials industry, gas-fired boilers will replace coal-fired boilers in a large range.

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