Boiler industry development

- Nov 10, 2017 -

China's boiler industry is neither a "sunrise industry" nor a "sunset industry", but an eternal industry that co-exists with mankind and is still a developing industry in China. Since the 1980s, China's economy has undergone rapid changes. The boiler industry has become more prominent. The boiler manufacturing enterprises in the country have increased nearly one-half, and have formed the capability of independently developing and developing new products one after another. The technical performance of the products has been Close to the level of developed countries. Boiler is an indispensable commodity in the age of economic development, and how it will develop in the future is very worthy of study.

Industrial boilers are currently the main thermal power equipment in China. There are more industrial boilers than power station boilers. In recent years, boilers industry in China has achieved rapid development. First, the output has risen sharply, and the industry's production capacity has rapidly risen. At present, the entire industry has more than 80 million kilowatts of capacity, not only to meet the needs of the construction of the domestic power industry, but also into the international market.

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