Boiler over pressure phenomenon and treatment

- Sep 30, 2018 -

Boiler over pressure phenomenon and treatment


The pressure gauge of the steam boiler is an indicator of the internal pressure of the steam boiler. What should be done to deal with the abnormality of the steam boiler pressure gauge once it is abnormal?

First of all, we must analyze the causes of abnormal pressure gauges in combination with other situations, and then take corresponding measures in a targeted manner. In general, there are several reasons for pressure gauge abnormalities.

Boiler over pressure phenomenon:

1) The air pressure rises sharply and exceeds the permissible working pressure. The gauge pointer exceeds the permitted “red line”. After the safety valve is actuated, the pressure is still rising.

2) An overpressure alarm signal is issued and the overpressure interlock protection device operates.

3) The steam temperature increases and the steam flow decreases.

Boiler overpressure treatment:

1) Rapidly reduce the combustion and manually open the safety valve or the bleed valve.

2) Increase the water supply, and at the same time strengthen the sewage in the lower steam drum (this should pay attention to keep the normal water level of the boiler) to reduce the temperature of the boiler water, thus reducing the boiler drum pressure.

3) If the safety valve fails or all the pressure gauges are damaged, the furnace should be stopped urgently, and the safety valve and pressure gauge should be repaired before being boosted.

4) When the boiler over pressures and endangers safe operation, depressurization measures should be taken, but the depressurization speed is too fast.

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