Building materials industry boiler application

- Dec 11, 2018 -


     Because most of the gas-fired boilers in the building materials industry provide kinetic energy for the process, but the production process varies greatly, this paper takes the production of gas filler blocks which are very common in the building materials industry as an example. The main equipments needed in the production line of aerated block are cutting machine, crusher, mixer, autoclave, etc. There is also an important equipment, that is, the green body of aerated block.

    A boiler providing steam curing. In this production process, gas-fired boiler mainly outputs high-temperature steam for autoclave at high temperature and high pressure. It is used for hydrothermal reaction to the green body of gas-filling block, which can improve the strength and performance of products. In most cases, gas fired boilers used in building materials industry are used for producing gas fired steam boilers.

    There are indeed many building materials enterprises to purchase gas hot-water boilers for heating and hot water supply.

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