Determination of boiler model

- Jan 09, 2019 -

102d6ce180a785c48e672720fec8da9      After the heat load and fuel are determined, the following factors can be considered to select the type of boiler. It should be able to meet the requirements of heating parameters, should be able to effectively burn the fuel used, should have higher thermal efficiency, should be able to effectively adapt the output, number and other performance of the boiler to load changes, should have a lower infrastructure And running management fees,

It is also advisable to use the same boiler with the same combustion equipment. According to this principle, boilers of the same capacity and type should be selected in the boiler room. The same boiler capacity and model are not only conducive to construction and design, but also conducive to training and improve the operation level of operators, and easy to manage; at the same time personnel and equipment The interchangeability is strong; the maintenance of the same type of boiler requires fewer tools and spare parts, and the quality of inspection and repair is high; the boiler room is neatly arranged, which is conducive to the use of mechanized coal transportation and slag removal equipment. Therefore, it is best to use the same boiler with the same capacity and model in the same boiler room.

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