Determination of the number of boilers

- Jan 15, 2019 -


When selecting the number of boilers, the adaptability to load changes and accidents, and the economics of construction and operation should be considered. Generally speaking, a boiler with a large single unit has a high thermal efficiency, a small floor space of the boiler room, few operating personnel, and good economy; but the number of units is not too small, otherwise the ability to adapt to load changes and standby are poor. The number of boilers used in the boiler room should be determined according to the possible factors of load to dispatch, boiler overhaul and expansion.

Generally, no less than two. When selecting a boiler to meet the needs of load and boiler maintenance, it is advisable to install a boiler. The number of mechanized coal-fired boilers shall not exceed four during the new construction; the number of expansion and reconstruction shall not exceed seven; the number of manual coal-fired boilers shall not exceed three, and the total number of expansion and renovation shall be

Can be determined on a case-by-case basis.

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