- Feb 13, 2019 -

8. Air preheater: Heating the air used for fuel to enhance ignition and combustion; absorbing waste heat of flue gas, reducing exhaust temperature and improving the efficiency of boiler and furnace.

9. Furnace wall: It is the protective shell of the boiler, which plays the role of sealing and heat preservation. Heavy furnace walls in small boilers can also support boiler components.

10. Frame: Support and fix boiler components and maintain their relative position. The auxiliary equipment of the boiler and its functions are as follows:

(1) Fuel supply equipment? Storage and transportation of fuel.

(2) Coal grinding and pulverizing equipment? Pulverized coal is milled into pulverized coal and is fed into the combustion equipment of a boiler burning pulverized coal.

(3) The air supply equipment transfers the heated air from the air preheater to the furnace and the coal grinding device by the air supply fan.

(4) Induction equipment? The exhaust gas from the boiler is sent to the atmosphere by the induced draft fan and the flue tube.

(5) Feed water equipment? Feed water treated by water treatment equipment is fed to boiler by feed water pump.

(6) Dust and slag removal equipment? Remove the ash from the boiler and carry it away.

(7) Dust removal equipment? Remove fly ash from boiler flue gas and improve environmental hygiene.

(8) Automatic control equipment: automatic detection, program control, automatic protection and automatic regulation.


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