Furnace and ignition before use of boiler

- Aug 02, 2018 -

Furnace and ignition before use of boiler


Many passing enterprises have a process called baking oven before firing the boiler. So, the real understanding of this process is relatively few people, the following, Qingdao Shengli Boiler to discuss with you, the boiler before the use of oven drying problem.

1. Why do you want to do the oven?

First of all, when the boiler is being manufactured, transported and built, it will be polluted by dust and impurities. So it is very necessary to rinse and wash before use. So the oven also took this responsibility. In the process of oven drying, the boiler will be slowly warmed up, so as to avoid damage caused by uneven heating at the bottom of the boiler. In addition, the process of oven drying can also allow engineers to check the overall tightness and safety of the boiler and so on, so as to avoid the problems of safety problems in the use of the boiler in the future.

Two. What stages of the ignition process do the boiler need to go through?

Normally, during the ignition process, the boiler will undergo three stages, namely, heating, burning and normal combustion. Heating is the process of heating surface fuels and gradually reaching the combustion temperature. When the fuel reaches the combustion temperature, the sufficient oxygen and other environment can make it burn up gradually. As the temperature continues to rise, the combustion in the boiler will gradually turn to stable combustion.

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