Gas boiler burner

- Nov 10, 2017 -

Gas burner structure consists of the following five systems:

1, air supply system

The function of the air supply system is to send air of certain wind speed and air volume into the combustion chamber. The main components of the air supply system are: the housing, the fan motor, the fan impeller, the air gun tube, the damper controller, the air damper, the cam adjusting mechanism, Diffusion plate.

2, ignition system

The function of the ignition system is to ignite a mixture of air and fuel, the main components are: ignition transformer, ignition electrode, electric high voltage cables. A safer type of ignition system called electronic pulse igniter, Zhuo Yi energy-saving boiler is widely used by gas-fired. It is convenient and time-saving. It can be operated with only a finger and has high safety. The safety accident that occurs due to accidental flameout does not occur. Once the flameout state occurs, the control system can promptly close the solenoid valve and shut off the gas passage.

3, monitoring system

The function of the monitoring system is to ensure the safe and stable operation of the burner. The main components of the monitoring system are the flame monitor, the pressure monitor and the temperature monitor (shown below).

4, the fuel system

The function of the fuel system is to ensure that the burner burns the fuel needed. Fuel burner fuel system are: tubing and joints, pumps, solenoid valves, nozzles, heavy oil preheater. Gas burners are mainly filters, regulators, solenoid valve group, ignition solenoid valve group, but the fuel butterfly valve.

5, electronic control system

Electronic control system is the command center and contact center of the above systems, the main control components for the programmer, for different burners with different programmer, the common program controller: LFL series, LAL series, LOA series, LGB series , The main difference is that the time of each program step is different.

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