Gas boiler classification and distinction

- Nov 10, 2017 -


Gas-fired boilers can be divided into natural gas boilers, city gas boilers, coke oven gas boilers, liquefied petroleum gas boilers and biogas boilers in accordance with the fuel. They can be divided into KS-Q gas water boilers, CLHS / CWNS gas water boilers (including gas Heating boiler and gas bathing boiler), LHS / WNS gas steam boiler, etc .; According to the structure can be divided into vertical gas boiler, horizontal gas boiler; According to the flue gas flow can be divided into single return gas boiler and three return gas boiler.

the difference

The fuel for oil-fired boilers is fuel (eg, diesel, oil, kerosene etc.), the fuel for gas boilers is gas (natural gas, city gas, biogas, liquefied gas, etc.), the equipment depending on what fuel the boiler burns, Boilers equipped with gas burners are called gas boilers. Boilers equipped with fuel burners are called oil boilers. The difference between oil-fired boilers and gas boilers lies in the fuel burners used.

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