Gas boiler features

- Nov 10, 2017 -

1, the configuration of imported brand burner, high degree of automation, in accordance with the controller instructions automatically purge, automatic electronic ignition, automatic combustion, oil (gas) automatic proportional adjustment, performance, safety and stability, good combustion effect. And flameout protection device to ensure safe operation.

2, the computer-based bath boiler controller, all the features are magically stored in a smart chip, the boiler a key boot, automatic timing, constant temperature operation, the user can set the start and stop the furnace time, the setting is complete, not Need someone on duty, save trouble, effort.

3, the fire tube inserted a flame retardant spoiler, slow exhaust speed, strengthen the heat exchanger, smoke chamber exhaust gas temperature is low, reduce heat loss and save fuel.


1, the large font shows the water temperature to facilitate the operation of the boiler and the system, the water temperature from 10 ℃ to 90 ℃ can be set free, boiler automatic heating system or to provide users with living, hot water bath.

2, the control system according to the temperature control circulating pump start and stop, when the water reaches the set water temperature when the hot water circulation pump starts, lower than the set water temperature lower than the hot water circulation pump stops.

3, horizontal gas bath boiler back to the wet three back structure, the use of large hearth, coarse smoke pipe design, increase the absorption of heat radiation furnace, effective energy saving. The use of thread pipe and corrugated furnace, greatly enhance the heat transfer effect, greatly saving fuel consumption.

4, the whole machine is also equipped with overheating protection (when the water temperature is too high, the burner automatically stop working and alarm buzzing, the second overheating protection (boiler shell temperature exceeds 105 ℃, automatically cut off the secondary circuit), anti-dry Water protection (boiler below the low water level, the boiler stops working and beep alarm), boiler leakage protection (control system detects electrical leakage, short circuit, it will automatically cut off the power).

5, the boiler according to the atmospheric structure design, the boiler is in a state of no pressure, no safety hazard. High-grade centrifugal glass wool multi-layer insulation, famous white color steel for packaging, heat loss less, beautiful anti-rust. .

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