How to choose the boiler

- Jan 15, 2018 -

How to choose the boiler

Shengli boiler

1, determine the size of the boiler. The boiler capacity should be based on the "heating load curve" or "heat balance chart", including the heat loss of the pipe, the self used heat of the boiler room, and the waste heat. The heating load curve is generally without professional equipment, and it is difficult to detect. But it can be calculated according to the needs of production, the heat needed by the family, and the maximum heat consumption per hour. The heat loss and heat efficiency are considered here.

  2, determine the heating medium. In general, there are mainly hot water boilers and steam boilers required in places such as industry. However, some special cases, you will also use the HTF boiler. Therefore, the choice of heating medium, we must integrate their actual situation with the required temperature and other factors.

3, determine the boiler parameters. General steam or hot water boiler operation is the need for some pressure, so in the purchase, to determine when the boiler also have to determine the relevant parameters.

4, determine the thermal efficiency of the boiler. The hourly consumption of fuel by large boilers, such as industry, is one of the key costs for an enterprise, so the thermal efficiency of an economically managed boiler should also be taken into account. The optimization of efficiency and cost can really save energy for the enterprise.

5. The best choice for the same capacity boiler or combustion equipment. If different, the maximum limit is two modes to reduce the problem of device layout and management.

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