Industrial boiler blowdown system

- Jun 28, 2018 -

Industrial boiler blowdown system


In order to make the water quality of industrial boiler meet the standards ,improve the steam quality and keep the impurities into a certain limit .The industrial boiler water which contains slat ,alkali ,deposited slag,sluge and some deposit should be eliminated from the boiler .The fireman should go on the blowdown based on the results of industrial boiler water quality and all the blowdown valves should be discharged,time of drain time is generally 20-30s,open and closed ,repeated 2-3times .According to the boiler specification ,usage and water quality ,there is no uniform fixed standard ,generally not more than 5% .If the sewage volume is too large ,it will cause waste ,so we need to ajust the water treatment technology to meet the industrial boiler water consumption.

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