Industrial boiler training system

- Jul 06, 2018 -

Industrial boiler training system

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With the large-scale industrial boiler, its control system is becoming more and more complex. At the same time, the requirements for operators of industrial boilers are also getting higher and higher. In addition to being familiar with the operation rules, operators need to deal with all kinds of faults in operation quickly. The boiler simulation training system not only provides conventional operation, but also provides a large number of common field failures for operators to conduct anti accident exercises to improve their operation skills and fault handling capabilities.

Operation condition

The simulation of all working conditions from boiler ignition, heating, loading to rated load can be realized in real time, including cold start, hot start, normal shutdown, hot state shutdown (pressing fire), emergency shutdown and so on. During the whole process, the thermal parameters, such as pressure, temperature, flow rate and liquid level, are consistent with the actual boiler process.

dynamic parameter

The "boiler simulation training system" provides a variety of graphical methods to dynamically display data, including data forms, dynamic curves, flow charts, histograms and so on, showing the thermodynamic parameters of each part of the boiler, such as pressure, temperature, flow, water level and so on.

The main system diagram of the boiler displayed on the flowchart is convenient for the trainees to familiarize themselves with the various systems and processes of the boiler. In addition, the thermodynamic parameters of each component can be displayed on the system diagram, so that the students can understand the pressure, temperature, flow and other parameters of the boiler in all parts of the operation at a glance.

The operator can observe the main parameters and equipment status of the boiler through the DCS operation system on the computer screen.

The dynamic curve can be used to show the changes of the main thermal parameters of the boiler with time, such as the temperature of the main steam, the water level of the drum and the negative pressure of the furnace with the time.

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