Introduction of fuel boiler

- Jul 27, 2018 -

Introduction of fuel boiler

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With the promotion of related policies such as coal to gas, oil fired boilers are also being selected by more and more enterprises. Like other boilers, it has a wide range of applications and areas, and exhaust emissions and other factors are relatively well controlled. Then, what matters do we need to pay attention to and understand? Next, follow Qingdao Shengli Boiler to understand.

1. Under standard conditions, how much fuel does the 1 ton fuel boiler consume per hour?

First of all, this problem is the concern of many bosses and business owners of new contact boilers. The fuel consumption here will be related to many factors, first of all, the purity and calorific value of fuel. In light of light oil or heavy oil, more heat can be provided only by burning high heat and burning fuel; in addition, it will also be related to the thermal efficiency of the boiler design. Each boiler factory has different design ideas and ideas, and the structure of the boiler is different, so it leads to different thermal efficiency of the boiler. Therefore, the fuel consumption per hour of a 1 ton fuel boiler is actually a variable value. Only by selecting the best products can the maximum utilization rate of raw materials be ensured. The new type of oil fired boiler developed by Qingdao Shengli boiler has a design thermal efficiency of about one hundred percent, which can effectively utilize every drop of fuel.

2. What's the use of the daily fuel tank equipped with the fuel boiler?

First, the fuel burning in the fuel boiler contains impurities. When the fuel is stored and deposited in the tank, the impurities in the light oil or heavy oil will be analyzed and sink into the bottom of the tank. In addition, if the fuel boiler enters the frequency conversion work, the fuel consumed will be supplemented unregularly, and the daily fuel tank becomes a storage container, which does not lead to the supply of raw materials in time. The daily oil tank will be equipped with the relevant oil pump, but the power will not choose too much energy consumption.

3. Which one is more economical, the oil-fired boiler and the electric boiler?

Small oil fired boilers can choose fuel and fuel fired dual fuel boilers. But from a single fuel cost savings aspect, the use of fuel is less than electricity. Nowadays, tariff subsidies have been cancelled or too few in some areas, so the cost of electricity will be 50% higher than that of fuel.

What are the special requirements for the burners of oil-fired boilers?

The burner of the oil fired boiler is divided into two types: light oil and heavy oil. When the quality of light oil is good, it can be directly equipped with combustion. But heavy oil will consider different burners according to different kinds, ingredients and other factors. However, no matter what kind of burner it is equipped with, our boiler will ensure the most basic thermal efficiency and emission standards.

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