Introduction of gas steam boiler

- Jun 05, 2018 -

Introduction of gas steam boiler

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1. Is gas steam boiler environmentally friendly?

Gas steam boiler can be considered as a kind of gas boiler, or it can also be considered as a kind of steam boiler. This kind of boiler, from a professional point of view, is a kind of environmental protection boiler, compared with fuel and coal-fired boiler, because it uses gas. Moreover, the thermal efficiency of this kind of boiler is very high, which can reach over 90%.

2, gas steam boilers, whether it has useful life?

Gas steam boiler is a common and common type of boiler, so it is the same as ordinary boiler, it is also life or service life, generally speaking, it can be used about 8 years, if the correct and standard use, and maintenance properly, then, in the service life can also be properly extended. In addition, the boiler will be tested every year after the use of 3. If the test is qualified, the relevant part will send a certificate to prove that the boiler can continue to use.

3, gas pressure analysis of gas steam boiler

The gas steam boiler has some related factors on the gas pressure, and it is related to some other parameters. For example, it is proportional to the evaporation of the boiler and is related to the size of the burner. Therefore, in determining the specific value, it depends on the actual situation. However, in general, under 0.5 tons of gas steam boiler, gas pressure is about 3000Pa, more than 1 tons of gas steam boiler, gas pressure is about 5000Pa.

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