Related requirements of boiler operation and demolition

- Aug 06, 2018 -

Related requirements of boiler operation and demolition

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1. Requirements for the inlet speed of the boiler before the boiler is started

When the hot water boiler enters into the water before starting, the inlet speed of the boiler should be well controlled, the speed of the water inlet should not be too fast, especially the water in the winter should not be less than 4 hours, and the water will be added to the boiler gradually. The other season should also be guaranteed for 2 to 3 hours. If the boiler is completely extinguished cold state, the boiler's water temperature should be controlled above 50 degrees Celsius, to avoid excessive temperature difference leading to damage to the boiler body.

Two. Introduction of boiler demolition

Boiler demolition refers to the abbreviation of boiler removal and relocation. Not all of the boilers are suitable for demolition, only the comprehensive consideration of the service life of the boiler, the new and old conditions of the boiler as well as the maintenance of the boiler and the internal structure are suitable for the demolition.  There will be no need to demolished the boiler that reaches the age of scrapping and the corrosion is too serious. The general process of boiler demolition is to apply for the installation of equipment during the inspection period of the boiler (the longer the longer the better) or to the local special equipment authority. At the same time, the side of the equipment should also go to the local special equipment authority to handle the landing of the boiler and the inspection certificate.

Three, the application of the normal pressure boiler and the high temperature condensate

Atmospheric boilers are generally hot water boilers. Steam boilers do not use atmospheric boilers in order to ensure the quality of steam. However, not all the hot water boilers are normal pressure. When the boiler system is designed, the normal pressure boiler can be used when the transportation distance is near, the heating area is small, and the temperature of the hot water is below 100 degrees Celsius. In the use of the boiler, the use of natural gas, coal or biomass, such as the medium water into steam, but after the use of steam, more more steam will be discharged. Therefore, when the high temperature steam condenses, the condensate can be recovered directly from the high temperature. As the supply water of the boiler, the boiler can be replenished to the boiler. At the same time, the heat efficiency of the boiler can be greatly improved, and the fuel and the emission of the flue gas can be saved.

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