Solution to full water accident in boiler operation

- Aug 31, 2018 -

Solution to full water accident in boiler operation

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During the normal operation of the boiler, the height and change of the water level inside the boiler has always been an important operation index. Once the boiler water level is too high, it will cause the safe operation of the thermal system such as the boiler island. This phenomenon is also known as a water filled accident. Generally, full water accidents can be divided into two types: slight water and severe water. When the boiler in the daily operation process, found that there is full water phenomenon, the first thing is to flush the water meter, to see if the water table is false water level phenomenon. And to determine whether the water is slightly or severely full of water, only after determining the nature of the water and the serious situation, can we take the symptomatic solution.

When the boiler is running, when there is a slight water-filled situation, the combustion of fuel within the boiler should be reduced, and the feed water device should be adjusted to manual, appropriately close the size of the feed water valve; then open the boiler economizer recycling valve or bypass flue. If necessary, also open the drain valve, discharging part of the boiler's internal water, open the steam pipe and Superheater above the trap, which can speed up drainage, thereby reducing the boiler's internal water level to normal.

When the water in the boiler is seriously full of water accident, it should stop the boiler immediately, and open the relevant drainage system to accelerate drainage. Only when the water level and pressure of the boiler drop to the natural pressure can the pipeline, valve, instrument and auxiliary machine be inspected. Do not carry pressure.

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