Spring-type boiler safety valve

- Nov 10, 2017 -

Spring-loaded safety valve is mainly composed of valve core, valve seat, valve stem, spring, adjusting screw and so on. This safety valve is mainly the use of spring force, the spool pressure on the seat. When the boiler pressure exceeds the spring pressure in the upper part of the valve core, the valve core and the valve stem are jacked up and the steam is discharged. When the pressure of the boiler is lower than the pressure of the spring acting on the upper part of the valve core, The boiler stopped exhausting. Spool valve seat and the contact surface of the cone, the spool around the edge of a little out. When the steam valve top open, the valve core edge is also affected by the steam pressure, so that the entire role of a sudden increase in area, safety valve suddenly open; when the reduction of force, due to a sudden decrease in steam force, so that a closed spool, Prevent the valve core from beating repeatedly.

The main parameters of the spring-loaded safety valve is the opening pressure and exhaust capacity, while the exhaust capacity depends on the caliber of the valve seat and the lifting height of the valve core. Due to the different height of lift, it can be divided into three types of micro-type, medium type and full-type safety valve.

Spring-loaded safety valve has the advantages of compact structure, small size and light weight. The tightness is good, the adjustment is convenient, the vibration can be tolerated, and there are few leaks. Therefore, sensitive and reliable. It is the most widely used, is the most commonly used one.

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