The application of steam boiler in brewing process

- Aug 30, 2018 -

The application of steam boiler in brewing process


Two processes must be produced by steam in the production process of liquor making, one process is fermentation, the other is distillation. The gas steam boiler can provide high quality steam required for the above two processes. At present, some liquor enterprises still adopt traditional coal-fired boilers, which cause more pollutants in the exhaust gas. If gas boilers can be used, the content of pollutants in the tail gas can be greatly reduced.

However, many liquor making enterprises also use traditional workshop production. In addition to the lack of continuity and compactness among all processes, its process equipment is relatively primitive. This also led to the problem of low production efficiency, high energy consumption of raw materials, water and electricity, and serious emissions of pollutants. Traditional workshop mode of production has seriously restricted the future of the whole industry.

Although governments at all levels have different policies for eliminating coal fired, heavy oil and wood fired boilers, the direction is the same. That is, low consumption and low emissions is the basic, and the ultimate goal is to achieve the ecological production of wine enterprises.

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