The features and categories of Oil and gas boiler

- Apr 04, 2018 -

The features and categories of Oil and gas boiler

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Oil and gas oil is the boiler which could be fired with both the oil and gas, such as diesel and natural gas, it is also be called the dual boiler fired with oil and gas.The features and categories of Oil and gas boiler as following:

Different to coal fired boiler, the oil and gas boiler requires to spray the fuel into the boiler chamber with the burner, and burn in the fire chamber without the fire grate. Since the fuel gas boiler does not produce fuel ash after combustion, Therefore, the fuel gas boilers need no slag discharging facilities. while it is necessary to use automatic combustion and control system for oil and gas boilers.

The oil and gas boiler could be divided into four major categories:oil and gas boiling water boiler, oil and gas hot water boiler, oil and gas steam boiler, oil and gas thermal oil boiler. Hot water or steam as the heat energy required for industry or life, boiling and hot water boilers are the common boilers in life.Steam boilers are common boilers in industrial boilers.Oil and gas steam boiler is widely used in textile, chemical, paper, machinery, agricultural processing industry and other industries.

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