The higher the price of steam boiler, the better the quality is?

- Apr 25, 2018 -

Today we are going to talk about a case of steam boiler price.

Oil gas fired steam boiler.jpg

A factory has three 20t/h steam boilers, and each boiler is equipped with 1 primary fans. In order to save the cost of purchase, the factory chooses the lowest price of the boiler and auxiliaries. During operation, it is found that the rated output of the fan is large, resulting in greater waste. In order to reduce the power consumption of the primary fan, the factory has to change the type of fan. On the basis of the existing fan, the impeller, volute and the inlet collector of the primary fan are replaced, and a lot of extra money is spent.

 Besides, the steam boiler and related equipment in this plant need constant maintenance, otherwise it will be easy to have problems. It can be seen that the steam boiler price is not necessarily lower, the better. The quality and reliability of steam boiler should be considered first. Therefore, we suggest that customers should not only pay attention to the steam boiler price when they choose steam boilers and related products, but also take other aspects into consideration.

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