The main components of large natural circulation high pressure boiler are as follows

- Feb 12, 2019 -

Furnace: To ensure that the fuel burns out and the outlet flue gas temperature is cooled to the convective heating surface to work safely.

Combustion equipment: Fuel and air required for combustion are fed into the furnace and the fuel is ignited stably and burned well.

Boiler drum: It is the closure of heating surface of natural circulation boiler. It connects the boilers and heating surfaces together and forms water circulation loop with water wall and descending pipe. Steam water can be stored in the drum to adapt to the change of load. Steam water separator is installed in the drum to ensure the quality of steam water. Once-through boiler has no drum.

 Water wall: It is the main radiation heating surface of the boiler, which absorbs the radiation heat of the furnace, heats the working medium and protects the furnace wall. The back water wall tube is called slag condensation tube to prevent slagging of the superheater.

Superheater: Heating saturated steam to rated superheated steam temperature. Steam boilers and hot water boilers that produce saturated steam have no superheaters.

Reheater: The exhaust steam of the high pressure cylinder of the steam turbine is heated to a higher temperature, and then sent to the medium pressure cylinder of the steam turbine for expansion work. It is used in large-scale utility boilers to improve the thermal efficiency of power plants.

Economizer: Use the heat of the flue gas at the end of the boiler to heat the feed water, so as to reduce the exhaust temperature and save fuel.1549849257(1)

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