The usage of biomass boiler

- May 15, 2018 -

The usage of biomass boiler.

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Energy is the foundation and motive force of economic and social development. Under the energy saving advocating and environmental protection, under the the rapid reduction of the main energy fossil fuel, under the guidance of the world energy and environmental protection policy, the new biomass energy as a substitute for coal and oil should be used much more widely, and the usage in more and more industries. In this trend, Qingdao Shengli boiler is widely used in industrial production and heating system, using biomass new energy and developing biomass boilers.

1, the usages of biomass steam boiler in some industries is a kind of waste reuse: for example, a large number of sawdust, wood chips, bagasse, distiller's grains and other wastes are available every year in furniture factories, wood factories, sugar mills, paper mills and so on. These wastes can be directly used as fuel for biomass steam boilers, not turning waste into treasure, but also saving production costs and improving economic benefits.

2, biomass steam boilers can be used for sterilization and disinfection: steam is used for sterilization and disinfection of products and packages in food factories, breweries, chemical plants and pharmaceutical factories.

3, biomass steam boiler can be used for baking drying: clean and stable hot air is widely used in the processing of agricultural products, feed and food, roasting or drying coffee, tea, tobacco, vegetables, aquatic products and so on. The building materials industry is used for drying wood and in other industries which need drying technology, and can be used as biomass steam boiler.

4, the biomass steam boiler can be used as the heating facilities in the industry park. As the cost of the biomass steam boiler is relatively low, the biomass boiler is widely used in the urban industrial park, to meet the needs of the hot water, heating and electricity use in the industry park.

5, biomass energy, as the most likely alternative to fossil energy, has an important strategic significance in national energy construction, so many countries and regions can enjoy preferential policies for biomass power generation projects. So that biomass steam boiler become more and more enterprises’ choices.

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