Water treatment

- Jan 18, 2019 -

1547774974(1)When selecting a water treatment equipment, the amount of water before treatment should be selected. The water supply equipment should be selected according to the amount of water after treatment. Also, because the calculation of boiler blowdown rate is determined by the calculation of alkali balance and salt balance, the calculation of each water volume should be carried out separately according to the alkalinity and salt content. Finally, the discharge rate P1 and P2 are large. The amount corresponding to the value is subject to change. Whether the recharge water should adopt the alkali removal measures, from the economic point of view, according to the technical and economic comparison of the sewage discharge rate, from the safety point of view (preventing the occurrence of intergranular corrosion) according to the relative alkalinity of the furnace water, therefore, in the above calculation On the basis of this, the calculation of the relative alkalinity Axd of the boiler water should also be carried out. The water in the boiler room comes from urban tap water, and the water quality has been treated to a certain extent. The task of water treatment in boiler rooms is usually softening and deaeration, and in some cases, alkali removal or partial demineralization.

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