What are the advantages of condensing boilers?

- Oct 16, 2018 -

What are the advantages of condensing boilers?


In order to seek higher enterprise efficiency and rapid development, many current production companies have made great efforts to save energy and reduce emissions and improve enterprise efficiency. Therefore, the condensing boiler also accounts for more than half of the boiler sales. It is also the unique advantage of condensing boilers that make them more widely used in various industries. Specifically, boiler equipment supplied by condensing boiler manufacturers has the following characteristics compared to other boilers.


    Intelligent control of condensing boiler


    The biggest feature and advantage of the condensing boiler is the use of high-tech intelligent control system, which can realize the operation of the equipment without the special operation of the personnel. Remote computer program control can also be realized in the control room. This design can greatly improve the operator's safety factor and reduce the labor cost for the enterprise. From the original five or six personnel on-site operation, reduced to one or two equipment maintenance personnel remote control.


    Condensing boiler ultra low emission


    Ultra-low gas emissions and ultra-high environmental protection index are the most commendable places for condensing boilers, and one of its unique advantages. Condensing boilers are fully invertible combustion and ultra-low carbon pre-mixed combustion during operation. The fuel is fully combusted, and the nitrogen and carbon gases are relatively low. Therefore, the emissions are lower in all types of boiler equipment.


    Efficient total condensing heat transfer technology


    The efficient condensation technology of the condensing boiler is one of the advantages of many condensing equipments. It is also one of the outstanding highlights of the condensing boiler. The condensing boiler with full condensing heat transfer technology has higher cooling speed and heat for the working process. The replacement efficiency is faster, and the overall work efficiency can be improved while improving the efficiency of other processes.

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