- Dec 21, 2018 -

横版logo1 - 副本_副本WNS boiler refers to the three-return boiler in the bedroom. It uses natural gas as raw material. This type of boiler has the advantages of compact structure, small footprint, energy saving, durability and environmental protection. It was originally applied to marine boilers.

4T/h WNS Bedroom gas steam boiler design, design parameters are boiler rated evaporation D=4.0T/h Boiler rated steam pressure p1.0Mpa Feed water temperature 20 c Cold air temperature 20 c

Firstly, the working principle and structural characteristics of the gas boiler are introduced. Secondly, the specific design part includes the design and calculation of the furnace, the thermal calculation of the thread eye, the heat balance calculation of other parts, and the calculation of the resistance. Finally, the specific arrangement of the intensity calculation structure is performed, and the thermal efficiency can reach 87.3%.

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